Friday, 4 October 2013

Twitter and the new notification system


With all the confusion that appears to be raised in regards to the new notification system on twitter I felt, I should try to explain what is happening for those who are unhappy about the sudden and un-welcomed change.

Before I start, I have to outline the difference between a tweet and a retweet for those who are still unsure - this will help later on

 A Tweet is a status broadcast by a person on twitter - See below

 A retweet - is the action taken when you click the RT button on a tweet. See below

This status by @tetley_teafolk has been RETWEETED by me (as indicated by the green arrow in the top corner)


As you know RETWEETING and TWEETING means those messages are displayed in your own timeline for others to see.
Therefore, Its quite possible that over time other people have spotted you enter competitions, and have added you as a friend on twitter (or to a list)
This way when you RETWEET a competition tweet, it appears in their home feed, (or list feed) so they can also click RETWEET to enter the competition too.
Up until now, this has not been an issue until Twitter changed the notification system.
Now, if someone RETWEETS a COMPETITION TWEET that YOU have RETWEETED - This appears in your notifications..



This has caused a large number of people who enter competitions to freak out, thinking they have had entries invalidated by others who are Retweeting these.

In fact this notification serves no purpose other than to tell YOU that someone has simply RETWEETED  a COMPETITION TWEET that you have RETWEETED.

* No one is being disqualified,

*  Both you and the other person who has RETWEETED that company status has a VALID entry (Permitting they have followed all instructions, such as following etc) so DON'T PANIC.

*If you UN-RETWEET or cancel your entry, the other person will still have a valid entry - it will not delete their entry, as by clicking your RETWEET of the COMPANY TWEET - they actually RETWEETED the COMPANY TWEET - but twitter notified to let you know that they have done it. 

In my opinion, its a useless feature, and only serves to show me who has been looking at my wall and entering competitions that I have, which I am more than happy to have happen.

There is a slight difference however, when you have others RETWEET your own personal tweets - Some people who enter competitions choose to copy and paste the text to gain an entry like this -

I have copied and pasted the text above, to gain an entry into the @nectar prize draw.
Sometimes other people will RETWEET this - thinking they will gain an entry into the competition.
In some cases, superstitions have suggested this action may invalidate my entry - especially if the competition rules say strictly one tweet per person, so if you are worried about this you can rectify this situation.
If this happens (especially if it is a contest that required a limerick or picture entry), I simply copy the competition entry text - delete my original tweet and tweet it again.
This action deletes my tweet that the other person has RETWEETED.
Its also been noted that in the past, people have won by RETWEETING other peoples personal tweets - where they have been copied and pasted or generated via apps such as Twitninja or Twitaculous.

Therefore... With no real system in place for picking winners in twitter, the winner selection process for 99% of competitions is very hit and miss - but well worth the time as a lot of great promotions run there.

I hope this helps some of you who are freaking out at the fact others are RETWEETING YOUR CONTEST RETWEETS...
You are still entered, and so are they - so wish them luck :)


  1. This helps!! Thank you for explaining it so well!

  2. Thank you for putting my mind at rest and confirming that what I thought was the case :)

  3. Thank you for the clarification much appreciated

  4. Great info Rach, this will be a great help to lots of tweeters (including me) - off to share :)

  5. Thanks for this. I'm guilty of doing this (my name is in your screen shot haha). Often if I see a good comp retweet in my feed, I will just retweet it. I had no idea it generated notifications. Shame you can't just switch off the secondary notifications (without losing all primary retweets).

  6. I dont mind having it done to me, I just hope those who are RTing remember to follow the company too, as that is often a requirement to win :) - Good luck all x

  7. Thanks for this info - much appreciated x